Natural Treatment For Intestinal Fissures

A couple who had a six-year-old daughter who started to suffer from constipation at the start of 2008 sought medical for help after she had difficulty going to the restroom. She was unable to many times and developed intestinal fissures, or cuts, and was in pain. When she was able to go to the restroom, there was blood in her stool. The parents took her to see a doctor who suggested a laxative to help her go to the restroom. The doctor suggested for her Miralax, which was said to help her constipation.

After visiting medical for help, the parents did not notice that her symptoms were getting better, but they in fact got worse. Another specialist suggested the same thing and told her to take a laxative and the parents were afraid for the child being on a laxative for such a long period of time. Then, during school, the nurse started to call because their daughter was crying because her stomach was in pain.They spent a lot of time at home because of the daughter’s unpredictable condition.

When the parents took her to the emergency because of pain, they knew they needed true medical for help and decided to visit Agape Acupuncture. They were afraid that when school started once again that the nurse would start calling home because of the pain. The parents knew they had to find help fast. Dr. Huang started to treat her with acupuncture and herbs. Within a month, the parents started noticing her symptoms get better and after four months, the symptoms are completely gone. The patient is so pleased with the results and that she can be a normal child once again. She is able to continue with school like any other child. The parents are truly thankful for the results at Agape Acupuncture.